NameBuilder Name Creation Software

a creative tool.

NameBuilder works with Windows
Sorry, NameBuilder currently only runs on Windows, from XP to 8.1!*
*OS-X version is coming soon.

NameBuilder Name Creation Software is and app that helps you create names for products and businesses. NameBuilder offers three different techniques for name creation.

Namebuilder: Ideafinder

Namebuilder's Ideafinder component allows you to type in idea keywords to quickly view relevant name ideas.

NameBuilder Idea Finder

Even if you don't find a name in Ideafinder, this methodology can help stimulate ideas that you can supplement with your own creativity.

Namebuilder: Concatenator

Namebuilder's Concatenator component allows you to combine word sections at random or based on your input to create coined names.

NameBuilder Concatenator

Set the Concatenator to a word section such as "Eco" and generate names such as Ecoscape, EcoEarth, Ecovia, Ecofresh, etc.

Namebuilder: Fuser

Namebuilder's Letter Fuser method allows you to create new words by using letter scrambling techniques. You can set the Fuser to start with consonants or vowels, and it generates new names and words by scrambling the alphabet.

This method is useful for creating names such as Xerox or Kodak.

NameBuilder costs $25 and is available for download only.
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